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Miniature Donkeys


While Miniature Donkeys are friendly and affectionate to their human friends, they don't like coyotes or strange dogs in their territory.  The Mini Donks on our farm have an important job to do.  They are the first line of defense in our layered predator control program to keep the sheep safe and sound.

Miniature Donkeys find their origin in the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia. The Sicilian and Sardinian donkeys are thought to be nearly extinct in their native land. The miniature donkeys in the U.S. today have been Americanized. The Sardinian and Sicilian donkeys have been bred with each other and with animals of unidentified ancestry to become what is known as the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey. To be registered as a Miniature Mediterranean Donkey with the ADMS, the donkey must measure no more than 36 inches at the withers, with some being as small as 26 inches. 

Our guardian donkeys are quality stock registered with the ADMS.  We do occassionally have offspring for sale. 

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